Game of the Century – Auburn beats Alabama in greatest ending ever

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Just one word is all you need to describe what we SEC fans and well the rest of the country witnessed last night. Truly the greatest ending to any college football game. Isn’t college football just the greatest sport in America?

With one second left Alabama let freshman kicker Adam Griffith try to attempt a 57 yard field goal. Pretty impossible but hey, for Nick Saban it was worth it to try to win it all and avoid over time. I mean there was no way they could lose the game at this point right? (That’s what we all thought).

And just like that God smiled down on Auburn’s stadium and said “All is right in the World”.

It was like God placed that football just ever so gently into Chris Davis’s arms, and with that catch he broke free, started running, and never stopped until he reached the end zone and scored for Auburn to win the game.


Yes, my face was just like this guys’.

Good for Auburn. They went 3-9 last year and didn’t win a single SEC game. Now the team is 11-1 under first-year head coach¬†Gus Malzahn.

This season and type of win couldn’t have happened to a better coach. Malzahn entered the year with a depleted Auburn team, and has quickly turned them around into an exciting national championship contender. Malzahn’s high school coaching background is unlike most head coaches. He started as a defensive coordinator in 1991 and from there on any high school team he touched, he instantly turned them into a winning, championship team. Malzahn spent 14 years coaching various high school teams until he landed his first college coaching job in 2005.

So for Malzahn to be heading to the SEC Championship game in his first year as head coach for Auburn that deserves a round of applause in itself.

Let’s recap what went through (my) most people’s minds in that last play shall we.

For a few good seconds a horrific thought flashed across my mind , “Oh my god this Freshman’s kick is good, dammit”. Which quickly turned to, “Phew thought that was in, sweet Auburn caught it”. Then, “Okay keep running, keep running”. Which escalated very quickly to, “OH MY ******* GOD, OH MY GOD, HOLY JESUS, AUBURN WON!!!!! (lots of expletives). All while jumping up and down clapping my hands so hard that they hurt (and I’m not really even an Auburn fan, can you imagine?!) And lastly it turned into me staring at the TV, with my hands over my head and with the greatest smile on face for witnessing just about the best ending ever.

Ironic that a few weeks ago I wrote a post saying how Auburn’s hail mary against Georgia was the best play or even ending in a game so far this season. What’s that saying, lightning never strikes twice? Well it sure does in Jordan-Hare.

As Saban’s bitter face walked across the field to shake Malzahn’s hand after the win you could only imagine the amount of F bombs, curses and pure hate brewing through the coach’s mind. He even said in his post game interview that he had never seen an ending like that, and it should have never happened. Well duh, Nick it shouldn’t have, but it was an awesome stomping on what seemed like a never-ending dynasty.

Auburn fans flooded the field despite the SEC’s violation which states that universities can be fined anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 dollars for storming the field. Do you think the university even cared about the rules in that moment, NOPE. And most SEC schools take the violation very seriously, but this was a major exception. Honestly the SEC shouldn’t even bother fining Auburn. With the amount of viewers the Alabama, Auburn game had yesterday, the SEC continues to roll around in pit of never-ending money.


Just imagine the aftermath in the state of Alabama right now. I’m sure Harvey Updyke was put on suicide watch last night. This game exemplified why college football and more importantly the SEC is simply the greatest.

And honestly who would have ever thought Auburn and Missouri would be headed to the SEC Championship game this year. It even sounds weird saying those teams in the same sentence. Despite Auburn’s one loss to LSU (which LSU fans can’t stop bragging about) Auburn has continued to get better and better each game. With the way Auburn’s been playing in recent weeks I would expect nothing less than another thrilling game in the SEC Championship. I’m rooting for Auburn all the way.

So sorry Bama fans. The dynasty has ended and you’re headed to one of those other BCS bowls. We know you’re upset, angry, jealous, sending death threats to the kids who play for your beloved team (which is absurd) but the rest of the country can’t say they aren’t happy to see you out of the BCS Title Game. If it makes you feel better I do believe you are better than a 13-0 Ohio State team, but I do think Auburn is better than you at this point.


Forget the LSU¬†Alabama “Game of the Century” a few years back. As an LSU fan I couldn’t agree more with Tyrann Mathieu.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 3.49.41 PM

Thank you SEC for a great year of football. Thankfully our conference doesn’t like the fun to stop, so now we just have to wait another week until the SEC Championship game.

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Now take a look at this video and see why no matter what the ranking is college football is always surprising.

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